Photographing Real Estate

The goal of your photography shoot is to make the subject property look attractive and appealing.


Essentially, you’ll need a tripod, flash, and a wide angle lens.


By turning on all the lights, you will add depth and color variance to your photos.  However, make sure that the lights do not appear in any reflective surfaces.

When using flash, diffuse the light by aiming it at a wall or ceiling.  If the walls and ceilings are colored, attach a diffuser to your flash.


After you’ve rearranged the furniture so that key elements of the room will be prominently featured in the photos, you’re ready to make some photos.

Instead of shooting straight at walls that will make the room appear flat, shoot into the corners of the room.  This will create more depth and make the room appear larger.  By photographing from a lower angle and with a wide angle lens, you will increase the perceived size of the room.  Also, include interesting parts of a room in your photos.

Most important, keep vertical and horizontal lines straight.  Not only are crooked lines technically poor, they will detract from your photos.

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