Blackstone Valley Images

Landscape Photography of the Blackstone Valley,
southern New England and nearby destinations

Blackstone Valley Images

By pictorially describing the richness and natural beauty of the Blackstone Valley, I have captured charming landscapes and appealing town centers that embody the quintessentially treasured subsection of southern Worcester County, Massachusetts.

The Blackstone Valley consists of several small towns, communities, and villages.  Each of which has its own identity, personality, and charm.  The area is situated only a few miles from New England’s largest cities, Providence and Worcester, and within an hour of Boston.  However, many images may transport you to a quieter, more peaceful and tranquil time and place.

Verdant fields, rolling hills, living lakes and ponds populate the region.  A ride, walk, or bicycle tour through any town will captivate you with images of breathtaking landscapes, stunning and picturesque New England vistas, and rock formations from glacial melts that occurred many thousands of years ago.  A journey through any of the Blackstone Valley towns will reveal a lavishness of natural wooded areas left undisturbed that are dotted with many scenic lakes, streams and ponds. Living harmoniously is an abundance of wildlife that enjoys the richness that their environs offer.

From country creameries offering wonderful delectables to local farm stands selling produce harvested with their own hands to Purgatory Chasm, a unique natural ¼ mile landmark believed to have its origins at the end of the Ice Age, the Blackstone Valley is alive and well in its 11 towns.

As the seat of the Industrial Revolution, often described as the “birthplace of the American Industrial Revolution”, bustling manufacturing activities took place during that era.  Textiles and machinery manufacturing flourished, employing thousands, creating homesteads and living communities.  Although much of that commerce has since left the region, its architectural presence remains.  In addition to magnificent homes of the 19th and 20th centuries that have been graciously restored, many old manufacturing complexes of the era remain serving as homes to artisan businesses, small shop services, offices, etc.  Some have been converted to apartments and homes.

My presentation of images is an attempt to capture the beauty of this area. To some who take a moment to view this, it may introduce you to different spaces within our world – vast and unending.  In the presence of nature, free of human-made obstructions, the landscapes attempt to document the spaces and well as convey an appreciation for the scenery and its natural beauty.

                                                                        Joe Altruda, Blackstone Valley Images


We have several of Joe’s framed prints in our Inn. Not only are they beautiful, they add to the flavor of the room. They have received many positive comments from our patrons and customers.

-G. J.

I have purchased both the landscape and floral notecards and use them instead of greeting cards for note to friends and family. The images are great. Recipients of my notes often comment on the quality of the card and, I understand, many have purchased them too.


We love the notecards! We use them for personal notes and gifts.


Joe’s prints are beautiful! They capture the essence of this region, the Blackstone Valley. I’m proud to have a couple of them on my home’s walls. Often, they are a conversation starter with guests to my home.


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This introduction to the Blackstone Valley briefly describes the personality of the area – its small towns, communities and villages.  Populating the unique Blackstone Valley are breathtaking natural landmarks, quaint town centers, and picturesque landscapes and lakes.  Recently named a National Park, the Blackstone Valley is the seat of the American Industrial Revolution.

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